Make your social media more positive!

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It’s no lie that most of us spend far too much time on social media than we’d like to admit!

Rather than telling you to just spend less time on Facebook, Instagram and whatever else you use (I admit, I couldn’t do it easily either!), I’m going to tell you how to use these hours you “waste” in a more productive and inspiring way.

We personalize our bedrooms, knowing that we spend a lot of time there, so why not personalize our social media channels too!

Positivity on Facebook…

  • Unfollow negative people: there are some people on Facebook constantly complaining about things and each time you scroll past one of their posts you probably think “nobody cares”, their mood then affects you, even if only for a second. To avoid this simply go onto their profile and there will be a little box saying “Following”, press that button and you have unfollowed them. Now their negativity will no longer appear in your news feed. Do this with as many people as you want!
  • Like positive pages: if you’re like me and love quotes, there are some great quote pages on Facebook, go and like a bunch and you will soon see your news feed become more positive! My all time favourite one is Positive Outlooks.
  • Don’t try to start social media fights: there are such a waste of time, if you don’t like what someone has to say, unfollow or unfriend them. If it is directed at you, block them. Just because they are seeking attention in a negative way it does not mean you have to become involved.
  • Block creepy people: if there are people that continuously annoy you on Facebook, block them. Guys who are always trying to talk to you, just seeing what you’re up to etc. These people put you in an annoyed and frustrated mood, so do yourself a favour, stop letting them put you in these moods and stop them from being able to contact you.
  • Post positive things: generally if you only put up positive things, you won’t receive negative responses. You may even encourage your close friends to become more positive on social media too!

Positivity on Instagram…

  • Don’t follow people who you don’t actually care about: if you always see someone’s posts, you never like them and just scroll past them, simply unfollow them. That two seconds you use to scroll past them, could of been used to look at something inspiring!
  • Unfollow negative people: same as on Facebook, if they post negative things or things you don’t like, get rid of them. Some of my pet hates are people doing drugs, constantly complaining they’re fat or whining about not having a boyfriend.
  • Follow inspiring people: people that you look up to whether they are celebrities, fitness models or even people you know. If they are doing something great with their lives, follow them. Hopefully they will inspire you to go out and do great things with your life!
  • Follow educational accounts: I love to follow fitness accounts and learn about new exercises, there’s so many accounts out there for every single thing you could imagine, so whatever it is that you want to learn more about, search for it.
  • Follow pages that make you smile: for me these are puppy pages! Travel accounts are great too, and quote pages!

I have included a list below of my all time favourite Instagram accounts with a description of each, so if you’re looking to add some vibrancy, positivity and a bit of cuteness to your Instagram feed, give some of these a follow!

Random pages (but definitely two of my absolute favourite accounts!)

  • mermaidsofhawaii: a company in Hawaii that turns people into mermaids for photoshoots.
  • _bahamasgirl_: an underwater model in the Bahamas who swims with all kinds of sea creatures.

For health and fitness:

  • lovehealthfitness: A gorgeous girl that posts clean and super pretty photos of food!
  • motivationwall: quotes, health and fitness motivation.
  • emilyskyefit: an Australia fitness model that promotes positive body image.
  • buttguide: great leg and booty workouts! :D
  • womenshealthaus: quotes, fitness and posts that will make you giggle.
  • 6packguide: new ab exercises to strengthen you.
  • gym_videos; loads of videos with new exercises for you to try!

For cute dogs:

  • barkleythepom: A hilarious pomeranian puppy that gets dressed up and goes on adventures.
  • themightyrufus: an english bulldog that belongs to my friend. He isn’t cute at all but he will make you laugh!
  • spartacuspup: an adorable puppy family.

For extraordinary and inspiring people:

  • laurasykora: a yogi, but even if you’re not into yoga, follow her. She posts the most gorgeous photos, especially when her kids get in them!
  • lyzabethlopez: a beautiful woman who inspires hundreds of thousands of people.
  • devinbrugman: a girl who is always in a bikini and always on vacation somewhere amazing.
  • ashaburnley: a very positive female role model who is always thankful and happy.
  • melissaambrosini: an amazing female blogger who radiates self-love and encourages others to do the same.
  • the_be_life: a girl whose heart just bursts with positivity and happiness, she posts amazing videos.

Quote accounts

  • motivation__daily
  • lovequotes578
  • achievetheimpossible
  • heysoul__
  • thinkdifferents
  • lifequotes1235
  • instapositivity
  • quotes


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Sending lots of love and positive vibes to you all,

Kirstin xx

Remember who you are

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It’s easy to lose sight of who we are when we are crazy busy and I am so guilty of this.

I have started back university and work for a nightclub as a manager now and in all my business, lack of sleep and exhaustion, I completely forget who I am.

I’ve stopped writing (until now), stopped posting positive quotes on my Instagram and Facebook page, stopped meditation and yoga and stopped finding time to go to the beach.

My reality check came in the form of a guy I am seeing who encourages me to come to the beach with him and just to chill. I love how he is a really busy person too but still finds time to chill and go to the beach almost every day.

I am always stressed and have been complaining a lot and letting things get to me, when really if I just stayed true to who I was, and made time for things that make me feel happy, I’d be fine.


So I’m pledging to make more time for myself from now on.

If you feel like you’ve lost sight of who you are, take a step back and remember what makes you happy, and then make time for those things!

Often we are far more stressed than we should be and if we just stop to chill out regularly, I think we’ll all be better off.


Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Tell it to people straight

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straight talk

There’s nothing worse than someone not being real with you, and this has become more and more obvious to me lately.

I am working at a nightclub and initially I felt fragile, vulnerable and so timid! I was scared I was doing it wrong or that they wouldn’t like my ideas. But after a few weeks of working there I feel like I have become so much stronger and better because my boss just told it to me straight. If I screwed up, he would tell me to re do something and I needed to toughen up!

This post was mostly inspired by another situation that happened recently however..

Last year I went on a date with a guy as we were working for the same modelling agency and worked on a set together. Apart from occasional shifts with that job he did nothing else with his life but played video games. He had no motivation or ambition. After our date I never wanted to see him again and he wanted me to tell him why.

So I was straight with him. I told him I am goal driven, passionate and incredibly ambitious and that I needed someone also was. He was really angry at me, abused me a bit and blocked me off of everything. I wasn’t bothered at all.

However last night he unblocked me off Facebook and said the following thing:

“Hey I just wanted to say thank you… I remember when you said I had no ambition. I said you were wrong, but you actually weren’t. I was so lost at that point in my life. You saying that kind of snapped me out of it. It actually woke me up. I was so defensive, but you were right. I think I was just cut because I knew it was true, but didn’t want to face the facts. After I kind of accepted it I thought ‘well if she thinks it, it’s more than likely others think it. I gotta do something with my life.’So, I literally jumped into everything… Joined a band. Started job searching, everything haha. Now I’m so busy with work, band, making websites, and I’m even writing a book with a friend of mine. I hardly even knew you, but you were the one to say it straight. Why couldn’t anyone else do that? This is hard for me to admit. But eh, thats kind of a main reason I got back into contact with you.”

I was so tired when I got this message last night and it made me cry. I am so glad I could inspire someone I hardly even know, just by telling it to him straight.

So next time you have to tell someone something, make sure you tell it to them straight!

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Ambition and Relationships

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This post is inspired by the following two quotes:


I have been in a number of relationships and have seen my friends in numerous relationships too and it’s funny how so many guys want a submissive girl who doesn’t know what she wants in life and will just follow him through life.

I am not a crazy feminist or anything, but I am a firm believer that a woman should do what she wants with her life and the man should support her. Of course the guy should have his own goals and dreams too!

If a guy ever thinks you are too ambitious, you should reconsider your relationship. Your man should encourage you to reach for the stars and for you to work towards every one of your dreams. If he doesn’t do this, then he is not worth your time.

Two people cannot be together if they are traveling in opposite directions.

One thing I strongly believe is that you have to know what you want in life, BEFORE entering a serious relationship. However if you are already in one, you really have to look seriously at the relationship and decide whether it strengthens or weakens you.

I see so many of my friends in their twenties in serious relationships. Many of them are held back by their man. Some do have encouraging guys, which is great to see! But it hurts me to think that my friends may not become who they wanted to be just because they feel stuck in their relationship. You are never, ever stuck.

If you are single and looking to be in a relationship, take the following advice:


Once you know who you are and feel as though you are in a good place in life, the right person will come along. !

Remain ambitious, driven and persistent – it may deter the wrong guys but the right guy will love you for it! Remember:

Strong women only intimidate weak men.

Once you love yourself and love your life, everything will fall into place.

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

My Journey to Self-Love

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431859_10151610523369740_697591596_n colourr998976_10151886895689740_1766542396_n

I attended Earth Events’ Radical Self Love Party a few weeks ago and was beyond inspired. Four women sat before us telling a room full of women about their journey to self-love. You can actually buy the audio of the night if you are interested:


They were so brave and courageous and ever since I heard them speak, I wanted to write a post about my own journey. I feel it is important to share these things about me so that you know where I am coming from when you read all my positive and happy posts!

I was a pretty typical teenager I suppose, I had little self-confidence, hated my body and always wished I could change everything about me. This self-hate was increased by two things. Firstly, I am a twin. My twin and I were every competitive in all aspects of our lives and as we began to face body image problems, we not only compared ourselves to society but to each other. We were doing hours of competitive dancing every day and pressured to be small and skinny and tiny. We both developed anorexia athletica and had a terrible relationship with food, exercise and each other. But we stopped dancing as we entered our last two years of high school so that we could focus on our studies. Immediately we joined a gym and began to love exercise again, building muscles, our strength and self-esteem.

At the end of high school we went separate ways – she moved to Brisbane to study with her boyfriend and I went off traveling. The distance was what we both needed so that we could discover who we were as individuals, rather than as “The Twins”. I traveled around Europe with my older sister and then went and volunteered in Fiji as a school teacher with her. The traveling and new experiences helped me become more self-assured and confident.

However in Fiji I fell in love. I had been in relationships previously but none ever lasted more than a few months. Most guys I dated ended up being jerks so I would just end things with them. But the Fijian guy was different. We fell madly in love very quickly and were engaged before I even knew it. As the relationship progressed I began to lose sight of who I was and lose an unhealthy amount of weight in the process. I was not a religious person and was forced into religion over there, forced to be baptised and made to attend church a few times a week. I also could not wear what I wanted and at all times had to wear long skirts and t-shirts out of modesty. Wedding plans began immediately and everyone was very excited that this man would be the first one from the village to marry a white person.

However one day I woke up and as I lay in bed next to him I tried to picture our lives together. What would my future look like? What would I look like? What would we look like together? But as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t see it. I knew this was a terrible thing. I am a big believer in signs and this feeling was probably the strongest sign I had ever received. As soon as I felt it, even though the wedding was organised and only two weeks away, I knew I had to get out of there. In the space of two days I got out of my engagement, out of Fiji and out of the definite future of being a Fijian housewife.

But once I got back to Australia, that’s when it hit me hardest, I was overcome by guilt and regret and fell into a state of mild depression for a few months. I became very unhealthy, gained weight and cried all the time. I was living at home and moved up to the Gold Coast to begin university at the start of 2012. This move helped however I was still consumed by self-hate. As the semester began I tried to busy my mind with my studies, guys and alcohol to remain ignorant to the fact that I had no idea who I was, what I wanted or how much I really hated myself. The semester went by very quickly as I made one bad decision after another. In the mid-year break my family and I went on a holiday to Fiji (much to my hesitance), and I spent two weeks in paradise crying and scared that I would walk around a corner and see him. But I didn’t see him, I survived it, and the trip provided some much needed closure. After it I was able to accept what happened and forgive myself for all of the hurt I caused so many people.

It was at this point (half way through 2012) that my life dramatically turned around. I began to focus back on my health, distance myself from unworthy guys and become a whole lot more positive! My relationship with my body, twin and self changed and I surrounded myself with amazing friends, studied hard and began to find my passion.

As 2013 started I began a volunteer placement with my university, helping new students, and began to feel valued and happy.


I created my Facebook page ( in May, with the encouragement of some friends, and have discovered my passion for spreading joy and positivity. This year I made some really great friends who have helped me through rough patches and made me realise who is and who isn’t worth my time!

Some people ask me “how can you be so happy all the time?” and I have a simple answer: I have been through hard times and know life can be pretty tough, but now I have found out who I am and discovered a great way to look at life, and I haven’t turned back since!

We all face hard situations and I’m sure many people are still somewhere along their path to self-love. But keep going and one day you will find a happy place that makes you grateful for all of the things you have been through!

Each and every day people thank me for inspiring them and helping them. People often say I am the most positive person they have ever met and I have made a really big impact on their lives. To know that I have helped people become more positive makes me so proud of myself.

I can say that I do love myself. I am nowhere near perfect but that’s okay. I am a good person and confident with who I am. I am thrilled to be in this place because I know how amazing it feels and now I want to dedicate the rest of my life to helping other people reach this place of happiness. Everyone should love themselves and love their life, and if I can help any people achieve those two things, then I am well on my way to accomplishing my life purpose!

482433_582002621848241_1121933825_n1476046_583850438330126_1316526009_n 544182_580393018675868_830552784_n

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Be mindful of who you surround yourself with

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They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

We all have negative people that come into our lives, they are pessimistic and always complain about everything. These people see that we are happy in our lives and don’t like it. They try to do anything they can to bring us down to their level.

Having someone like this in your life is very draining and tiring, you always have to fight with yourself internally to keep a positive outlook. I have had people like this in my life and they always make me become a much less alive person. However I am lucky now that I can spot these people instantly and am able to distance myself from them.


I know how they will affect me and I know I do not want to feel that way. It’s also important to recognise people in your life that no longer support and encourage you. If someone starts treating you in a harsh way, or is not happy for you when you have good news, you need to create some space between you two. Have the courage to let this person go, and by making this space in your life it will create room for more positive things and people.


As much as it is important to get rid of the negative people from your life, it is just as important to bring positive people into your life. If you are surrounded by encouraging people, those who are happy when you accomplish something, your life will be much better. When you find someone that loves life, they will influence you to feel the same.

Think about the five people you spend the most time with… do they encourage you or do they bring you down? You deserve to be surrounded by happiness, love, support and encouragement!

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Wishing Stones and Dolls

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Hi lovely people!

Before I begin this post have to say that I am a very strong believer in the power of thoughts. I believe when we wish for things, we are actually just focusing on them, and through this focus, and constant thinking about said wish, in turn move towards what it is that we wished for. By subconsciously having these thoughts and ideas in the back of our minds, we can make our own wishes come true!

I came up with a gift idea with this thought in mind. I suppose it was kind of inspired by those rocks you see in gift and spiritual shops that are smoothed and shined and sometimes coloured. They have words like: happiness, friends, love, courage etc. on them. I do quite like them however when I give my friends gifts, I always like to make them as personal as I possibly can!

A little while ago it was my friends 21st and I had no idea what to get her! Before the university semester had started I had been back to my home town (Coffs Harbour, NSW) and visited the beach many times. On one of my visits I decided to collect some flat, smooth and really beautiful little rocks. I took these with me back up to the Gold Coast and kept them on my desk for a while, waiting for a reason to use them. So when my friend’s birthday came around I saw them and thought of writing on them, putting them in a little box and giving them to her.

Wishing stones!

Wishing stones!

With the box I attached this note:

“Inside this box are four rocks from the beach I grew up on. The beach has a really special place in my heart and I wanted to share some of its beauty with you. I also believe in the power of thoughts and have written a word on each of the four rocks. When you are in times of trouble and need peace, love, happiness or guidance, simply place one rock in the palm of your hand. As you do this, think about your troubles and think about what you want to happen next, or to come from this troubling time. These are not magical wishing rocks by any means! But I believe that if you think certain positive thoughts often, it allows you to move towards where you desire to be. May your life be filled with peace, love and happiness. Love Kirstin xx”

A year or so ago I had this same idea when I was going through a rough patch. I was in a cute little shop and saw a big bowl of little dolls (picture at the top of this post). I spent a long time sorting through it and picked out the four that I loved and felt drawn to. When I got home I found a little bag and got two pieces of cardboard to write notes on and to place in the bag with the dolls. On one page was a description similar to the one above. And on the other I drew each doll, giving each of them a word to describe them, this acts as a key. They read:

Peace: she will help you find inner and outer balance, acceptance and peace.

Love: she will help you to find more love in your life.

Happiness: she will help you be happy with your life and all its happenings.

Guidance: she will guide you through your life and help you to make decisions.

Wishing dolls!

Wishing dolls!

Admittedly I haven’t actually used them that much, as I’m generally pretty happy! However when a issue arises and I’m looking for answers internally I do open the bedside drawer next to my bed and take the dolls out. Positive thinking and self-awareness always help me through tough times so if these dolls can help me do those two things, then of course I turn to them!

I believe either of these ideas make great gifts as they are very thoughtful and sweet. They are very cheap to make and mean a lot. So if you’re not sure of what kind of gift to get a family member or friend, maybe you could consider these ideas.

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx