Stop Stressing!

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The importance of making decisions that have a positive impact on your wellbeing

By Bryana Cuthbert

I have been a positive person most of my life. I had a box of quotes as a teenager and I practised what I preached. I surrounded myself with friends, did what I loved, got involved with the community and even fell in love. But when high school finished and I set off for uni, I began to struggle with what I still struggle with today and that is stress!

Yep I will admit it, I am a stress head!

I have spent good few years of my life stressed; stressed about work, stressed about uni and meeting deadlines, stressed about my living circumstances, stressed about wedding planning, stressed about finances… you name it!

But just recently, I have realised that stress isn’t inevitable, stress is a decision.

All these years I had made the decision that I was going to be stressed. Now looking back on it, it seems like I created a whole lot more pressure and anxiety than necessary, but I don’t regret it. I accept the past and am moving forward.

So I began making the conscious decision not to stress. When a potentially stressful circumstance arose I thought to myself, you know what, it is not worth stressing about, it will work out eventually. And – like letting go of a balloon – I mentally detached that stressor from my mind.

This did not work straight away; it took quite a few goes before I began to believe that it would work.

Next, I looked at what I had going on in my life. Yes, my life is very full – working 50 hour weeks, wedding planning, studying a double degree full time and getting ready to move. I realised I had too much going on and needed to free up some time where I could spend time with myself and de-stress. So I have deferred uni for this semester. At first I felt guilty about it, I thought it was a bad decision and that I shouldn’t do this. But then I realised that my well-being is more important, and I cannot simply continue living as stressed as I had been.

Deferring uni has opened up time in my life for things I enjoy, time for sunbaking and walking, aromatherapy and meditation, time with friends and family and my fiancé. And I began to feel less stressed! My mind is clearer and I no longer wake up worried about having enough time to do everything I need to do.

Everyone says that the mind is such a powerful thing, and it truly is. By making the conscious effort not to let myself stress (meditation has helped a lot with this), I became a more relaxed and happier person. The positive me is back and all aspects of my live have improved by making decisions that support my well-being, as well as giving up stress.

So if you are stressed, start small, recognise that you can choose to be stressed or not. Look at your life, if it is too full like mine was, recognise that something has to go, your well-being is a priority!

Take a step back; take a few deep breaths…

You were not created to live stressed, defeated, anxiety ridden or unworthy. You were created to be victorious!

Here’s to wellbeing and living life stress free!

Love Bryana x

The Future is Here! (Well, my future anyway…)

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Kirstin Cuthbert:

This is a post written by a very close friend of mine – Aisling.
She is about to embark on an exciting journey that will take her to amazing places, so read about it here!
While I will miss you, I know you will have an absolutely splendid time.
All my love and positive vibes will be with you, every step of the way!
Kirstin xx

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So as some of you may know I’m going to America on exchange in August! I’ll be studying at Ithaca College in New York State. Everything is falling into place. Today I received an email letting me know that I got the housing option that I wanted. I booked my tickets to Vancouver this week. And I received my ticket to Laos. And this is all on top of (trying to finish) my assessments and exams! Phew. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

However, through all of this excitement I feel as if I haven’t been appreciating the journey that’s getting me to these places. I’m so excited for the future, that I’m forgetting to live in the present. Yes, there’s a LOT to organise in a very short amount of time (**see timetable below) but I have to remember that there’s still so much I can be enjoying…

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