Find time to reflect

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After not having written on my blog for a few weeks, I have returned :) With the business of life, my creativity levels sunk and I felt I had nothing to say to all you amazing people! While I hate to feel stumped, I would hate even more to put a post out there that didn’t feel right.

In my absence I have found much time for reflection and have only just come to realise its importance! Usually I am very busy and often don’t think twice about decisions I make and how they are effecting my well being. On Wednesday night I was blessed with a situation that forced me into reflection. I was forced to think of all the choices I had made that got me to that place and and forced to realise it was my fault I was feeling that way.

Self-reflection-quoteIt’s hard to admit that we make bad choices and even harder to actively change our ways so that we won’t find ourselves in that situation again. I have only just begun to realise that if I can make more time for reflection, I’ll be more present in my decisions and feelings and perhaps won’t make the decisions that I tend to make time and time again that leave me in a place of disappointment.

Sometimes it’s hard to reflect though, we forget about it and if not reminded daily, it could be weeks before we think of a certain situation again and how it made us feel. So this weekend, set aside a little time to reflect. Remove yourself from your place of comfort and go for a walk, to the beach, or anywhere that you don’t visit everyday.

When you are at this place have a think of all that has happened to you and around you lately. And not just a little think but a long, hard think. Allow yourself to remember how situations made you feel and if it was a negative feeling, perhaps try to discover what you could of done differently, so that you didn’t end up in this negative place. After you have reflected on the situation it is important to let it go, holding onto negativity will just hurt your soul, so reflect, learn and move on.

I often find looking over quotes helps me too. I’ll go onto Instagram or Pintrest and scroll through many quotes, reading, absorbing and understanding what they truly mean and how I can apply them to my life. Try different forms of reflection, perhaps writing helps you, or thinking things through as you work out. Whatever it is that helps you reflect, do it. And not just today, but everyday – even only for a few minutes.

This is my challenge to myself too: to reflect daily so that I can find myself in more positive situations and lessΒ negative ones.

Here’s to the weekend and to making time for reflection!

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx