Spiritual Gifts

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Stuck for Christmas ideas for your loved ones? Don’t have much money to spend, but you still want to get them something special? Well, you should go spiritual!

In every city there are tonnes of spiritual shops! You know, those one’s you walk by and suddenly become hit with an overwhelming smell of incense?

Most of us never venture into them because we are afraid of the unknown and the uncertain.

I have recently discovered a spiritual shop near where I live, Crystique. You can see their website here: http://www.crystique.com.au/


If you live on the Gold Coast in Australia, the shop is located in Southport at Australia Fair Shopping Center. The man working there is super friendly and more than happy to help if you have no idea what you are looking for! Crystals and stones adorn every wall and from the roof hangs dream catchers of every colour, size and style! I have been back there about five times now and did the majority of my Christmas shopping there too.

If you are after an extra special gift this holiday season, I highly recommend you to find a spiritual shop nearby you. They have things like:

  • Crystal and silver jewellery
  • New Age books
  • Tarot cards
  • Feng Shui items
  • Dream Catchers
  • Angels
  • Incense
  • Perfume
  • Sun Catchers
  • Music and Meditation CD’s
  • Physic readings

You may have preconceived ideas about spiritual gifts (like that they are only for hippies) but I think almost anyone could appreciate something in the store.

Go on, be brave, and step inside that little spiritual shop that’s been intriguing you for the past few months, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised with what you find!

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Guardian Angels



In my family, a few of us women have given guardian angels as gifts and I absolutely love the idea. Originally it was thought of by my twin sister, Bryana. She was going through a hard time after moving away from home and was out shopping one day and saw a little angel statue. She felt completely drawn to it and could not leave the store without it.

She really felt that it helped her from time to time and she would keep it in her bedside drawer. No one in my family is religious at all, however a few of us believe in spirits and the power that guardian angels can have on our lives.

One year Bryana gave my mother one that she picked out especially for her. When she saw the angel, she knew it was perfect. With the angel she wrote this note:

I am a firm believer in the presence of guardian angels. Guardian angels are spiritual beings that are assigned to assist us in various ways. Angels intercept at many stages in our lives and help wherever they can to make our lives run smoothly. So next time you feel a sudden warmth or comfort, a sudden rush of air, or a gentle cloak of feathered wings wrapping softly around you, know that you are not alone. We all have guardian angels that are willing to communicate with us, but mostly we are just too busy to listen. So next time you feel stressed or have a crisis, empty your mind, create space and just be. No doing. Only being. And let yourself become aware of the presence that surrounds you. You may feel tingling sensations, you may feel emotion, but certainly you will feel a loving guidance overpower you and steer you in the right direction.

I had always wanted a guardian angel but never really found one that felt like it was meant for me. I had been living out of home with my older sister up until half way through this year, but I was going through a huge change as she departed overseas for studies and I would get my own place to live. Before I moved to my current place, I was back home in Coffs Harbour with my mother shopping at some cute car boot markets. We weren’t looking for anything in particular but we both saw this amazing angel statue:

My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

Instantly we both knew that was it. This was the angel meant for me. My mum instantly bought it for me and from the second I moved in, it has sat on my bedside table. I do turn to her from time to time with problems, but it’s also just nice to look over and see the presence of her there.

As Christmas approaches, if you know someone that would appreciate a gift like this, search out an angel that is perfect for them. It may take longer than you think! You can use the note Bryana wrote to accompany it, or create your own.

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Wishing Stones and Dolls

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Hi lovely people!

Before I begin this post have to say that I am a very strong believer in the power of thoughts. I believe when we wish for things, we are actually just focusing on them, and through this focus, and constant thinking about said wish, in turn move towards what it is that we wished for. By subconsciously having these thoughts and ideas in the back of our minds, we can make our own wishes come true!

I came up with a gift idea with this thought in mind. I suppose it was kind of inspired by those rocks you see in gift and spiritual shops that are smoothed and shined and sometimes coloured. They have words like: happiness, friends, love, courage etc. on them. I do quite like them however when I give my friends gifts, I always like to make them as personal as I possibly can!

A little while ago it was my friends 21st and I had no idea what to get her! Before the university semester had started I had been back to my home town (Coffs Harbour, NSW) and visited the beach many times. On one of my visits I decided to collect some flat, smooth and really beautiful little rocks. I took these with me back up to the Gold Coast and kept them on my desk for a while, waiting for a reason to use them. So when my friend’s birthday came around I saw them and thought of writing on them, putting them in a little box and giving them to her.

Wishing stones!

Wishing stones!

With the box I attached this note:

“Inside this box are four rocks from the beach I grew up on. The beach has a really special place in my heart and I wanted to share some of its beauty with you. I also believe in the power of thoughts and have written a word on each of the four rocks. When you are in times of trouble and need peace, love, happiness or guidance, simply place one rock in the palm of your hand. As you do this, think about your troubles and think about what you want to happen next, or to come from this troubling time. These are not magical wishing rocks by any means! But I believe that if you think certain positive thoughts often, it allows you to move towards where you desire to be. May your life be filled with peace, love and happiness. Love Kirstin xx”

A year or so ago I had this same idea when I was going through a rough patch. I was in a cute little shop and saw a big bowl of little dolls (picture at the top of this post). I spent a long time sorting through it and picked out the four that I loved and felt drawn to. When I got home I found a little bag and got two pieces of cardboard to write notes on and to place in the bag with the dolls. On one page was a description similar to the one above. And on the other I drew each doll, giving each of them a word to describe them, this acts as a key. They read:

Peace: she will help you find inner and outer balance, acceptance and peace.

Love: she will help you to find more love in your life.

Happiness: she will help you be happy with your life and all its happenings.

Guidance: she will guide you through your life and help you to make decisions.

Wishing dolls!

Wishing dolls!

Admittedly I haven’t actually used them that much, as I’m generally pretty happy! However when a issue arises and I’m looking for answers internally I do open the bedside drawer next to my bed and take the dolls out. Positive thinking and self-awareness always help me through tough times so if these dolls can help me do those two things, then of course I turn to them!

I believe either of these ideas make great gifts as they are very thoughtful and sweet. They are very cheap to make and mean a lot. So if you’re not sure of what kind of gift to get a family member or friend, maybe you could consider these ideas.

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Grattitude Cards

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As the season of giving comes up very quickly, I thought I would post a gift idea.


I missed my mother’s birthday because of university and other commitments and felt absolutely awful about it. She lives in a different state and I haven’t seen her in a long time! I have always loved homemade gifts and I know she does too. They are so much more personal and special I believe.

As I watched the last episode of the Australian TV show ‘The Bachelor’ (don’t judge me!!) I was inspired by Anna’s card she gave to Tim that listed all the things she loved about him. I loved this idea, and it’s something I haven’t made for my mum before. I have made her countless scrapbooks, cards, I’ve written poems, letters etc. all to try and convey how amazing she is, because to me, she is everything.

I collected 16 coloured cards and bits of patterned paper and stickers. I then decorated each card individually. On each one I wrote something I loved about her, how she makes me feel, or something I am appreciative for. I then laminated them and tied them up in a pretty ribbon.

The cards read:

  1. You like all my photos on Facebook and leave comments telling me how beautiful you think I look. It makes me so happy.
  2. It’s always lovely to hear from you. Even if you’ve had a huge day, you still make it a priority to talk with me.
  3. You are always so happy for me when I achieve something. You let me know you’re proud.
  4. You always say “I love you” at the end of each phone call. As you’re the only one who says it to me, it’s so nice.
  5. You always let me know what the dogs are doing. You just sense that I miss them, I don’t even have to say it. I love hearing about the dogs adventures!
  6. You have taught me to have the most amazing outlook on life and I am eternally grateful for that!
  7. Because of you, I have the greatest hair! And I get to be so unique and receive so many compliments for it.
  8. I love that you always leave voice mails if I don’t pick up, they let me know you care and it’s nice to hear your voice.
  9. You can always make me smile when I see or hear from you, no matter how tired I am.
  10. You helped teach me how to believe in myself and all of my abilities.
  11. You always complimented me (and still do) and helped teach me how to be confident and happy in my own skin!
  12. You always help me out financially when I am struggling.
  13. I love that you always re-stock my fridge and pantry. You understand that shopping with no car is very hard!
  14. You have always supported my every decision and supported me and all of the choices I made!
  15. You are my biggest role model and inspire me every single day! You are amazing in every single way!
  16. You always cheer me up when I am down and help me realise that what’s meant to be, will be.

My mum is such an amazing person who has made such a huge impact in my life and sometimes I feel that I am a bad daughter, not calling often, or ignoring her calls if I’m tired… but I hope she knows how much I appreciate her!

And I hope some of you lovely people find this idea useful as a late birthday present, a spontaneous gift idea or even as a cheaper and more thoughtful Christmas present!

Remember, if someone is special to you or inspires you, tell them.

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx