Be present

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When life becomes stressful and difficult often we zone out of reality. We just do what needs to be done, with our minds in another place. Sometimes it can go on for days or weeks before we snap out of it and realise the joyless days we have been living.

I personally have noticed that being present is tied closely to my happiness. When I am present, I appreciate the moment, I smile a lot more, complain a lot less and am glad to be alive. If I have been absent in my life for a few days I feel lazy, tired, grumpy and just over everything.

So why don’t we all just stop being absent and start being present everyday?

Because it’s hard. Being present is something that needs to be practiced every day before it becomes a habit. I try to be present in my own life every single day but when I become really busy, I forget to do (or don’t make time for) the things that make me present and happy.

Now that a the Easter long weekend is upon us, there is so much time for all of us to remind ourselves of what we need to do to stay present in our own lives. Exercise, meditation, getting fresh air and eating healthy foods all help, so you’ve just go to find what works for you.


My absolute favourite thing is visiting the beach. Walking on the sand, sun baking and swimming in the salty water helps me to feel alive and once I’ve done that, I find my days are easier to manage and I am so much more present.

Have a beautiful long weekend and I hope that you find plenty of time to be present this weekend, next week, and every other week that follows.

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

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Know that everyone comes into your life for a reason

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We can make peace with all the relationships in our lives if we can accept this simple fact: that everyone comes into your life for a reason.

When relationships end or friends disappear, often we get so caught up in the emotions of it all that we forget to look at what we learned from them or how that relationship helped us grow as a person. I’m going to provide two semi-recent examples of my own life so hopefully you understand what I mean.

I dated an American guy last year for a little while and once it ended I was so caught up in the hurt he caused initially. But after a while, and especially recently, I have made peace with it and I know one amazingly great thing that came from that relationship!

He introduced me to Zac Brown Band. This American country group changed my life! I was never into country music but this music has a beach vibe to it and I just love it. So if the reason I met him was so that I would learn about that band, I think it’s a pretty great thing!

Recently I was dating a Fijian guy and after a while of trying and trying so much to make it work, I just gave up. However the time I spent with him was great and I was really proud of myself for dating a Fijian guy because I was so hurt by one years ago and never thought I would ever want to date a Fijian guy again.

I had so many hang ups and so many cultural things initially reminded me of my failed engagement (read from half-way down that post if you are interested). But eventually I could accept that he was Fijian and I accepted his culture.

No longer it reminded me of my ex-fiance or a really dark period of my life. Now that relationship is over I can look back on it and realise the reason he came into my life was to show me that I have moved on and no longer am affected by that relationship and break up.

Photo Jun 23, 9 19 01 PM

Sorry both my examples are guys but at this age, I have really amazing friends so I can;t complain about them! Plus in the past year or so, the things that have hurt me the most are guys, so it seemed fitting to write about them.

I encourage anyone who is still hurting from a past relationship (no matter what that relationship was) to look back on it and realise how you grew as a person and what you learned or gained from that person. Make peace with your past, so you don’t spend another minute upset over it.

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Don’t seek other peoples approval

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At the top of my list of things that do not matter would have to be OTHER PEOPLE’S APPROVAL.

I have longed to move to Western Australia for so long now and am aching to go. However when I tell people I am going next year so many people have said “you’ll hate it”, “there’s nothing to do”, “oh, why would you want to go there?” etc.

Anyone can say whatever they want about WA, but I am still going to go. I feel a pull to go there, like it’s something I have to do.

It annoys me that people try to discourage my dreams like that. Of course none of the people who have said these comments are my close friends, but still, why discourage someone’s dream?

No matter how crazy anyone’s dream is, I’m going to encourage them to do it.

People may think you’re crazy for doing something, but I think you’re crazy if you don’t.

If you choose to stay in a familiar place, where you’re sort of, kinda happy living, at the same job that pays the rent and you just get through each week… to me THAT IS CRAZY.

There are so many people in this world that will try to discourage others, so don’t be one of them.

Be a dreamer and be a person who does crazy things.

Do things for you, do things and just be happy doing them.

Don’t look for approval from others.

Cause if it feels right and it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters.

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Find what makes you happy and make time for it!

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As our lives get busier and our days seem longer, its so easy to be caught up in a rut of stress and tiredness. We find that often a lot of the people we are surrounded by feel similarly and we all just kind of wallow around together, not really enjoying like but just going through the motions.

I’ve been like this for a while now, just living day by day, week by week, doing what I have to do to pass my university courses and get my rent and bills paid. But a short time ago I realized, this isn’t how it should be. All it took was a trip to the beach. To me, the beach is everything and helps me remember who I am.

As I drove home from the beach, salt crystals dried on my face, my cheeks sun kissed and sandy feet, I reflected back on the past few months. I was always thinking that I was so busy and didn’t have time to enjoy myself. But I was so wrong. Ever since that day, I have realized the importance of shuffling things around if you can and just going to the beach.

Whether the beach makes you happy, reading, writing, music, whatever it is… make time for it! And you will feel so much happier. We are all busy but we can make time for happiness, and we all should.

P.S. Listen to this song, I hope it makes you happy too!