Tell it to people straight

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straight talk

There’s nothing worse than someone not being real with you, and this has become more and more obvious to me lately.

I am working at a nightclub and initially I felt fragile, vulnerable and so timid! I was scared I was doing it wrong or that they wouldn’t like my ideas. But after a few weeks of working there I feel like I have become so much stronger and better because my boss just told it to me straight. If I screwed up, he would tell me to re do something and I needed to toughen up!

This post was mostly inspired by another situation that happened recently however..

Last year I went on a date with a guy as we were working for the same modelling agency and worked on a set together. Apart from occasional shifts with that job he did nothing else with his life but played video games. He had no motivation or ambition. After our date I never wanted to see him again and he wanted me to tell him why.

So I was straight with him. I told him I am goal driven, passionate and incredibly ambitious and that I needed someone also was. He was really angry at me, abused me a bit and blocked me off of everything. I wasn’t bothered at all.

However last night he unblocked me off Facebook and said the following thing:

“Hey I just wanted to say thank you… I remember when you said I had no ambition. I said you were wrong, but you actually weren’t. I was so lost at that point in my life. You saying that kind of snapped me out of it. It actually woke me up. I was so defensive, but you were right. I think I was just cut because I knew it was true, but didn’t want to face the facts. After I kind of accepted it I thought ‘well if she thinks it, it’s more than likely others think it. I gotta do something with my life.’So, I literally jumped into everything… Joined a band. Started job searching, everything haha. Now I’m so busy with work, band, making websites, and I’m even writing a book with a friend of mine. I hardly even knew you, but you were the one to say it straight. Why couldn’t anyone else do that? This is hard for me to admit. But eh, thats kind of a main reason I got back into contact with you.”

I was so tired when I got this message last night and it made me cry. I am so glad I could inspire someone I hardly even know, just by telling it to him straight.

So next time you have to tell someone something, make sure you tell it to them straight!

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Just go for it!

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I am so lucky to have so many inspiring people in my life. I have so many friends and family members that just go for things, even if they are scared to.

And you know what? Every time they go for something, they get it!

Don’t let the world dishearten you.

I remember at the beginning of my Journalism degree my to-be friends and I all sat in the same lecture hall listening to a man tell us “most of you won’t make it, this is a dying industry”. We all felt like we were prepared to fail and a bit of the spirit inside us died.

However not long after that lecture, we all began meeting each other and coming to uni/going to class just to hang out with each other.

We believed we were in this together and that thought was oh so powerful!


Two years have passed and we are all about to begin our third year and for most of us, our last year.

Two years ago we were these scared students, not sure of our futures or if we would ever make it. But now I can happily tell you that we can make it, and we are making it! I have friends working for radio stations, magazines and getting internships at amazing places.

I myself have just landed a job doing marketing and events for the best RnB and Hip Hop nightclub in my city. I never thought I was qualified or skilled enough to get the job, but a faint glimmer of hope forced me to apply and within a few weeks they called me and told me they wanted me to start immediately.

I was beyond excited because I was so sure that I wasn’t going to be chosen!

So, what I am telling you is that YOU HAVE TO GO FOR IT. Whatever is on your mind or in your heart, you just have to take a leap of faith and give it a go.

Take that first step, it may be emailing someone, calling someone or even filling out a form. But you’re never going to get something if you don’t take that first step.


Lots of love,

Kirstin xx