Praise yourself for giving it your all

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I have recently been struggling with the fact that as each day comes to an end, I feel that I have not learnt everything I should have.

I have begun a start up business and am also trying to figure out a network marketing business (while working at a magazine as well) and with all the learning I need to do, I constantly don’t feel I ever know enough.

Even if I put all of my energy into learning from early morning to late at night, I still don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything.

What a bad attitude to have!

It dawned on me yesterday that this is such a pessimistic way to be! I need to focus on what I have learnt, what I have got done and take it day by day. I will never know it all, but if I put all of my effort into something, then I think I deserve a bit of self praise – don’t you agree?

Are you like this also? Constantly trying to get so much done in a day? Learning new things and expecting to reach new goals etc. every single day? Well you’re not alone!

Too often we focus on major goals and feel as if we have accomplished nothing if we haven’t reached them yet.

So let’s make a pact – in 2015 we have to live each day and reflect on the accomplishments of that day. While it’s good to have a long term goal we are working towards, we still need to stop each day and say to ourselves:

Hey, I saw how much work you put in today… although you may be exhausted, look at how much you got done! Everything you learnt and did today is getting you closer to where you want to be – good job, you rock!

2015 will be a great year for us if we start to praise ourselves more and stop beating ourselves up about not knowing or doing everything all at once!

You got this. Remember that.

Lots of love xx

Go somewhere you have never been

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Happy 2015 everyone!

I have just got back from holidays and realised I have not blogged since October!

It certainly does not feel this long to me as I have been so busy. I graduated from university, have been working at a magazine and doing social media marketing for a number of businesses. I have been so busy writing for others that I forgot to write for my own blog – sorry guys!

I’m aiming this year to do a blog post a week and I will stick to that the best I can!

I have a lot of goals for 2015 – perhaps too many – but I wanted to share one of them in particular with you all.

Once a week,go somewhereyou have

This goal cam to me when I realised while studying and working I fell into such a routine. Even when I have time to spare I would go to the exact same places time and time again. I know the familiar is comfortable to me, but 2015 is going to be a year where I want to spend as much time as possible out of my comfort zone!

I am going to explore more of my city (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia) as well as the surrounding areas. I have done some Google and Pinterest research and begun to make a list of all of the places to visit. I’ve also let a few of my friends know so that if they are free on the same day, they can join me!

I am so, so excited about visiting new places and seeing new things!

Traveling and exploring can bring so much happiness to your life, plus it’s a nice getaway from the weekly stresses.

If any of you live in a nearby area to me, please get in contact if you’d like to join one of my adventures by visiting my contact page and filling out the form.

I hope you all have an amazing year and that you get out of your comfort zone in 2015 xx

My 100 Happy Days Journey

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After posting a guest blog on my friend Jazmin who was doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge (you can read it here), I decided rather than just talking about it, I should do it too!

I have just finished my last post and wanted to share with you all the journey it has allowed me to go on and what benefits I found by doing it.

I like to think I’m a very happy person and initially thought the challenge would be SUPER easy. But it was not. Like every other human being, I have rough days too.

There were some days when I thought not a single good thing has happened to me today and there is nothing to be happy about.

But these were the days when the challenge was most beneficial. I was forced to find something to be happy about, perhaps it was something that I could look forward to or just a quote that really helped me get through the day. If I wasn’t doing the happy days challenge I would of gone to sleep those nights thinking how crappy my day was but now I feel as if I won’t.

Without thinking about it I already consciously note down happy things in my head that happen each day and at the end of the day I think about them. This is an amazing habit to have formed and I am so thankful that I chose to undertake the challenge.

Furthermore it has sort of changed the way I use social media. Before I would just upload pictures for the sake of it but now most of my captions are showing appreciation and happiness for all I have had happen to me throughout the day. I feel as though I will continue this – whether other people look at my caption or not does not matter –  because its a conscious way that I can show gratitude and when I look back I am reminded of all the wonderful things that have occurred.

I hope I can keep these habits and continue on a path of conscious happiness and gratitude.

If you want to check out my challenge go to my instagram: @kkkirstin

I challenge anyone who is brave enough to do it too, sign up here!

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Celebrating 25 years together!

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This week’s post is dedicated to my parents.

Today, the 1st of October 2014, is their wedding anniversary!



“Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.” -Barbara Cage

While they may have got off to a rough start – with my mum hitting on my dad’s friend because my dad was a drunk mess in the corner of the pub – he may have been her second choice, but he was the best choice she would make in her life.

They have achieved so much as husband and wife – had three daughters and raised one son together, owned and sold many houses and businesses, traveled to amazing places, but above all they have remained together.

They have the kind of marriage that has made their kids want to get married and I believe that is one of the greatest gifts they could ever give. They allowed us to believe in love and to know that one day, we too will find it.

They taught us to dream big. That all situations should be approached with optimism and to give everything a shot – even if other’s think you’re mad because of it.

They encouraged us to chase our dreams – it didn’t matter what we wanted to do, they always supported us.

They showed us how to be compassionate towards others, to give back to the community and to help anyone who was less well off than we were.

Though it wasn’t always easy, actually most of those 25 years have been quite rough – they always knew one thing, that they were made for each other and that no matter what they faced in life, they had the other person by their side to help them get through it.

It makes me so proud to have parents that not only raised their children so well, but through it all,they loved each other endlessly!

Happy 25th wedding anniversary mum and dad – I wish you so much love, joy and happiness!

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Find time to reflect

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After not having written on my blog for a few weeks, I have returned :) With the business of life, my creativity levels sunk and I felt I had nothing to say to all you amazing people! While I hate to feel stumped, I would hate even more to put a post out there that didn’t feel right.

In my absence I have found much time for reflection and have only just come to realise its importance! Usually I am very busy and often don’t think twice about decisions I make and how they are effecting my well being. On Wednesday night I was blessed with a situation that forced me into reflection. I was forced to think of all the choices I had made that got me to that place and and forced to realise it was my fault I was feeling that way.

Self-reflection-quoteIt’s hard to admit that we make bad choices and even harder to actively change our ways so that we won’t find ourselves in that situation again. I have only just begun to realise that if I can make more time for reflection, I’ll be more present in my decisions and feelings and perhaps won’t make the decisions that I tend to make time and time again that leave me in a place of disappointment.

Sometimes it’s hard to reflect though, we forget about it and if not reminded daily, it could be weeks before we think of a certain situation again and how it made us feel. So this weekend, set aside a little time to reflect. Remove yourself from your place of comfort and go for a walk, to the beach, or anywhere that you don’t visit everyday.

When you are at this place have a think of all that has happened to you and around you lately. And not just a little think but a long, hard think. Allow yourself to remember how situations made you feel and if it was a negative feeling, perhaps try to discover what you could of done differently, so that you didn’t end up in this negative place. After you have reflected on the situation it is important to let it go, holding onto negativity will just hurt your soul, so reflect, learn and move on.

I often find looking over quotes helps me too. I’ll go onto Instagram or Pintrest and scroll through many quotes, reading, absorbing and understanding what they truly mean and how I can apply them to my life. Try different forms of reflection, perhaps writing helps you, or thinking things through as you work out. Whatever it is that helps you reflect, do it. And not just today, but everyday – even only for a few minutes.

This is my challenge to myself too: to reflect daily so that I can find myself in more positive situations and less negative ones.

Here’s to the weekend and to making time for reflection!

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Trust in the process

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Life has a funny way of working out, even if we never thought it would…

Things often seem impossible, plans fall apart and we are left wondering what on earth we are to do next!

But what a wonderful place that is to be in – because did you realise that having no plans in place allows you to be open to whatever will come your way…

And trust me, something good is most certainly on it’s way for you!


A few weeks ago I was terribly lost, although I had come to terms with this feeling, I still struggled to have faith and to remain positive that something amazing was on it’s way for me. I spent a good few weeks, perhaps even a month and a half in this confused place, but I am glad that I did.

I chose to stay in this place because opportunities that arose didn’t quite feel right for me, I knew something was coming but just didn’t feel like it had reached me yet.

However one day I was offered an internship with a fashion magazine, then the next I was working for them, meeting all the team and even getting my on signature made up for my staff email because they wanted me to be part of the team so badly.

Here I was, convinced that my journalism degree was a waste of time and now I have a job in the industry and still have a few months of studies to go!

I feel so very blessed to have been offered this opportunity but even more thankful that I allowed myself to be patient. For if I had of taken up any other opportunity just because I was stuck in a place of insecurity, I would not have been able to put the time and effort into the internship which landed me an amazing job.

So if you’re in between things, stuck wondering what to do next, unsure of which direction to turn, stay there a little longer, be patient and have faith that something amazing is on its way to you!


Trust in the beautiful, crazy but oh-so amazing process!

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx

Listen to your gut feeling

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A few weeks ago I was talking with a yoga instructor about intuitive feelings. If we learn to listen to these feelings, she said, we get a strong sense on “YES ABSOLUTELY GO FOR IT” (she threw her arms out wide and beamed with a smile) or “no that isn’t going to be a good option for you” (she wrapped her arms around herself in a protective way).

I have known about intuitive feelings for a while, but only really started noticing them and acting on them when I was 18 and ending a serious relationship. But gut feelings don’t just come up when you are facing a big decision, they come up with every decision you make, if you listen closely enough to yourself.

For me, if I am faced with a decision and go with the option that is against my gut feeling (probably because I chose to ignore it or just acted so quickly that I didn’t give myself the time to figure out was best), I will feel anxious, nervous, pain in my chest and normally very on edge. Sometimes I even tear up or just have a lump in my throat. When all of these signs start to happen, it’s only then that I relaise I am going against my gut feeling. My body starts physically giving me signs to steer me in another direction.

But if I give myself time to think about a decision and realise what is best for me before acting on it, my body is much happier for it. I feel calm, at peace and as though my heart is smiling.


While all of these feelings can come up in daily settings, I know not all of them are intuitive, for example, feeling anxious before a presentation certainly doesn’t mean you should walk away from it by any means! You just have to listen to yourself, your body and your spirit deep down know what is best for you and what isn’t, so trust them.

For those of you that are not in tune with your intuition, guided meditations and yoga are a great place to start. Spending time alone, in quiet places, like walking on the beach, also helps.


My intuition has never lead me wrong, the only ways I have been lead wrong in the past is if I completely ignore it or act too quickly! So I am going to try to avoid doing those things and hope my life can remain relatively peaceful as a result.

I encourage all of you to get in touch with your intuition – start listening to yourself. In society so many people tell us what to do each day but there’s only one person who knows what is best for you, and that is you!


Wishing you so much happiness and peace,

Lots of love,

Kirstin xx